Sister, Sister

We were born to the same parents.

We lived together for 17 years.

We are nothing alike.

My sister and I. We are so different. I’d even say we might be polar opposites.

I wonder how this sort of thing happens in a family. How is it that our psychological DNA is so out of sync with one another? Physically, if you stare long enough, we do look related. Though, I do admit as a child that I was convinced I had to be adopted. But mentally, we just function differently. We have different values, different priorities.

It’s not something that has come with age. We’ve been like this our entire lives.

  • She has a smart phone. Mine is dumb and is sometimes left unanswered and uncharged for days and even weeks.
  • She likes Disney World. I don’t understand the draw and prefer Universal Studios.
  • She drives a Ford. I have a VW.
  • She likes to throw parties to celebrate. I prefer going out with a small group of friends.
  • I play musical instruments. She tried and gave up on them.
  • I can sit quietly for hours. She has to stay busy.
  • I plan and think ahead. She pushes the limits of time.
  • I don’t care if people think I’m goofy. She’s afraid of being embarrassed.
  • I wear bright colors like pink, yellow, and orange. She sticks with blues and neutrals.

Surely I can’t be the only one who is like this. Are you dissimilar to your siblings? Do tell.

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