Wonderful World of Retail

I have so many updates that I’d like to write about but need to get something off my chest first.

Tuesday of this week, I decided to buy something that I have been holding off getting for a while. I was waiting for the right time and this seemed to be it. It’s a high-ticket item that would cost me about $700.

I go into the store and they don’t have the item in stock–right now. “We usually do, but at the moment, we’re out. We can order if for you, though.” OK, sounds fine to me.After I place my order, pay in full, and leave.The next day, I decide that I no longer want the product I bought the day prior. The reason for not wanting it isn’t all that important for the story. Anyway, I call the store and ask if I can cancel the order, and none of the employees know what to do. “We need a manager to take care of this,” they say. “We’ll call you back.” That’s fine. There’s probably some kind of process to this.I decide to call the store later that day, knowing that they will be closing and I’d like the issue to be resolved. Still nothing. They are checking into it. Same thing the following day. I ask, “If I can’t cancel it, can I just ‘return’ it to you?” “You should be able to. It’s not like it was a special order. We usually have those in stock anyway. Someone will call you back.”I wait for my call, and of course, I miss it and am left a message to this effect:

We are able to take your item as a return but it won’t be a full refund. We can only give you $500.

WTF???? Let me make sure I understand, I haven’t received, opened, touched, used, or SEEN the item and you’re telling me that you’re going to keep $200? You’re going to keep about 30% of the original cost?I call the store back today and can’t seem to get in touch with a real manager. “Real” meaning someone who has any authority to do anything. “He’s in a meeting.” The guy on the other end empathized and thought it wasn’t right but his hands were tied. He calls the $200 a down payment at one point and I asked, “How could I have made a down payment when I paid in full? No one said anything about that? I expected to keep the thing but circumstances changed. Why are you holding on to $200?”Yeah, so. Let’s see where this thing ends up going.


Economic Booster Club

I went shopping the other day for shoes. I bought 2 pairs. What great sales! Go to Shoe Carnival, if you’re looking for some new kicks. I left the store with 2 nice pairs of shoes, not on the clearance rack, not some off-brand, and not “maybe-these-won’t-hurt-after-I-break-them-in.” One pair was black suede and the other was dark brown leather. I paid about $35 TOTAL.

Today I went to Ann Taylor Loft for a wardrobe revival. I found a black, light-weight, satin-collared coat made from what looked like uncut corduroy. I kept thinking that something had to be wrong with it, but as far as I can tell, nothing is. It isn’t missing buttons. It doesn’t have stains. I also found grey slacks and a cute pink shirt.

Here’s what I spent:

Coat – $129.00 marked down to $14.88 minus 25%
Pants – $79.00 marked down to $9.88 minus 25%
Shirt – $14.99 minus 25% off!
Total – $31.30!

Though marginally, I have helped the economy. Aren’t you proud of me? If there were more things I liked, I would have helped even more (and at full price if necessary)…. Go shopping, people, and join the Economic Booster Club! Let’s hit the mall this weekend. 🙂

Cyber Monday?

So we’ve all heard of Black Friday, the unofficially official start of the holiday buying season. But have you heard of Cyber Monday? Dang. If only I had known! I heard about it on the news today. Apparently Monday was the start of holiday buying online. There were major discounts all over the place.

Here’s a link to a bunch of the deals. Take a look so that we can weep together. Selfishly, I was looking into a netbook and now a new camera. (See previous post. My camera is not working AGAIN.) Too bad I can’t take advantage of the offers. Boo, Regular Tuesday.

What a Croc!

My pursuit of a comfy, non-grandmotherish shoe continued yesterday at Super Shoes. While the other items at this place are not my thing—scrubs, boots, and outdoorsy wear—I do like to make it a stop on a shoe hunt. I’ve found some winners there over the years. Also, did you know that you can save your receipts and get a hefty discount with them? I’ve been saving for a while now and yesterday was my big day to cash in! I decided get a “free” pair… of… Crocs.

Crocs Malindi... an alternative to clown Crocs (from zappos.com)

Crocs Malindi... an alternative to clown Crocs (from zappos.com)

If you read my comment from that previous blog post, you know that I’m not the most avid of Croc fans and I question their contribution to fashionable footwear. Regardless, I felt OK getting these things since I wasn’t really paying for them. On top of that, I didn’t go with a traditional Croc. Instead, I bought the ones you see here.

Yeah, way cuter than the original Croc and they provide a good bit of comfort. And I can actually walk in them, unlike clown Crocs.

After I got them home, I tried them on with a pair of dress pants just to see what they would look like. As afraid as I am to admit it, they might be passable for work as long as my pants are long enough.

) (from shoesonashoestring.com)

Yup, I would wear these to work. (from shoesonashoe string.com)

So now I’m going to take a chance on a pair of YOU by Crocs that I found on Piperlime.com. Since the return shipping is free, I figure it worth a shot. I think these shoes are pretty sassy and I’ve been eyeing them for a while but in the past, the price was not in my range. Now they are. Go me!

As a good will gesture, I’m going to clean out the closet and donate a bunch of shoes. (Hopefully the hubby read that.)

I learned about this site while at the shoe store yesterday: http://www.soles4souls.org

In Search of Shoes

I need some good shoes. I need them to be comfy, fashionable, professional, and not intended for a grandmother or a 16-year-old. Do such shoes exist within a reasonable price range?

I have been on Zappos for a while looking, but I’m not entirely satisfied with what I’ve found.

To do my job I am typically standing on my feet for about 4 hours straight with only a little bit of walking. I’ve worn Clarks in the past but they have stopped making the ones that had me standing comfortably for a year. I don’t mind wearing heels as long as I have some cushion. The balls of my feet are what ache the most after a long day. I don’t want clogs or mules anymore.

Suggestions anyone?

shopping frustrations

I’ve come to really like where we live. The scenery is nice, the people are friendly, and we pretty much have everything we need just a few miles away. Pretty much. The one thing that frustrates me here is the lack of options when it comes to shopping. I know. That’s darn superficial of me. I mean, it’s not that they (who are “they” anyway?) aren’t trying. They are. We’ve had a number of new additions to the area in the past year.

*sigh* Maybe it’s just me and I don’t fall within the groups they cater to in this area. I’m not a college student, I’m not a parent, and I’m not in need of a bargain. I don’t dress like a teacher, nor do I wear cutesy appliques on my clothing. (Wait, is that the same thing? Just kidding.) Not that there’s anything wrong with any of those groups. I just don’t belong to them.

Today I was so uninterested in the offerings at the store that I typically go to for a wardrobe freshening. It was all the same, just in different colors. Then I went to the department store that I go to a lot. Turns out that they no longer carry Tommy Hilfiger, one of the brands that I like. The woman at the register said, “We discontinued that last summer.” Now the only choices are blah and blah. There is nothing for the younger, but not too young, professional adult, but not too adult. (Oh, I feel the need to mention something. I don’t want you to get me wrong with my mentioning Tommy. Yes, his stuff can be pricey, but I don’t think I’ve ever paid full price for any of it. I’m not crazy.)

I’m hoping that the development that everyone is opposed to in the town next door will have some options. I’m ready to spend, people! Give me a place to go!

I might have to make a trip to DC to find some new clothes. ugh. I should have seen the writing on the wall when they turned the Gap into a Gap Outlet.