Happiness Perspective

I love receiving emails from the hubby. We’re “old fashioned” that way and don’t post things on each others’ Facebook walls or anywhere public. But! Sometimes the things he emails me are so awesome, I have to share.

Today’s email: “we are out of bacos.”

That wasn’t even the email message. That was the subject line. Seriously. He is ridiculous.

And, yet, I was still happy to get the email. It made me smile just to see his name in my email. It made me laugh to think he felt the urgency to email instead of just writing it on the grocery list.

Happiness is all about perspective. 🙂


Mystery Voice

hubby: I heard a song on the radio that I really liked. It was really good. I thought it was Rihanna.

that girl: When was this?

hubby: This morning. It was a good song but then Rick Dees told me it was Justin Bieber.

that girl: Oh yeah! Hahaha. That song. I like that one, too. How does it go again?”

hubby: As long as you love me…

that girl: [disappointed] Yeah, I didn’t realize it was Bieber either.

hubby: I still think it’s a good song.

(10 minutes later Bieber is introduced on the AMAs. hubby says “yes!” And then, “Is this Rihanna?”)