Musings with Dad

It’s almost Father’s Day (or Fathers’ Day?) and my gift to you is a conversation my dad and I had yesterday on the phone.

A few notes and background info:

  • My mom and I have trouble communicating sometimes due to language barriers. Sometimes I’m genuinely confused by what she is trying to say in English so I have her speak her native language instead, which I do not speak but I understand it fairly well. Why is this important to know? My dad and I typically don’t have a problem, though his native language is also not English, but I think the trouble Mom and I experience ended up flowing into this conversation with Dad.
  • My dad’s hearing isn’t as good as it used to be.
  • I haven’t been keeping up with the NBA finals between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat.
  • I call my parents almost every week at 8:00pm on Sundays. I’ve done that ever since I left home to go to college.
  • I get my sense of humor from my dad and we used to always watch sports on TV when I was growing up. (Hubby is thankful I’m sure.)

that girl: What are you up to, Dad?

Dad: I’m watching Jimmy Kimmel before basketball. Are you calling early because you’re going to watch the game?

that girl: No, we have some friends who are coming over so I wouldn’t be able to call you later… Who’s playing? What game is it?

Dad: San Antonio and Miami. It’s game 2.

that girl: Who won the first game?

Dad: San Antonio but everyone was complaining about the Heat. [my capitalization]

that girl: What happened?

Dad: The Heat [my capitalization] was too much. That’s why they lost.

that girl: [confused] Wha? I thought the Spurs won, Dad.

Dad: The heat. It was too hot.

that girl: In the coliseum? It was hot in the coliseum?

Dad: It was too hot in the coliseum. I think the air-conditioner was broken.

that girl: So you are saying the heat, as in the temperature? Not the Heat, as in Miami Heat?

Dad: Yeah. Everybody is complaining about the heat.

that girl: Ohhhhh! I was so confused.

Dad: You know what the headline says? “The Heat can’t take the heat.”


Good talk, Dad.

I should have remembered that my dad rarely, if ever, refers to sports teams by their mascot. It’s always by location or school. My mistake.

Happy Father’s/Fathers’ Day, everyone!