Wednesday Morning Funny

As we’re getting ready for work this morning, the TV is on. A Hunger Games trailer/commercial comes on.

the hubby: Hunger Games. Isn’t that the movie about being in the woods?

that girl: I don’t know. I think they eat each other, like survival of the fittest… Hmm. But then, that would make them cannibals. So… maybe not.

the hubby: No, wait, they fight in the woods or something.

that girl: Oh! I remember. I think they fight to the death and then they get a meal… maybe?

the hubby: Why is the name of the movie, THIS movie, Hunger Games? Didn’t that already come out?

that girl: Maybe it’s one of those movies that has a secondary title and you missed it.

the hubby: Could be.

that girl: Maybe the first one was… Hunger Games, the Appetizer. Get it? The appetizer! Hahahaha. It’s like a prequel!

the hubby: [silence]

that girl: Come ON! Did you hear what I said? That was hilarious and really clever. I make your life fun.


Pleasure Reading

Any good writer will tell you that word choice is important. A good conversationalist may tell you the same thing.

I don’t consider myself either.

that girl: You might like that book over there. It seems to apply to your current situation.

the hubby: What would I like about it?

that girl: I don’t know. I haven’t read it.

the hubby: And you want me to read it?

that girl: Well, you might like it. It’s for that class.

the hubby: So you’re giving me homework? I don’t need homework.

that girl: It’s not homework. You like pleasure reading. You do pleasure reading.

the hubby: What, Playboy?

that girl: No, that’s not what I mean.

the hubby: I think you mean, “reading for pleasure.”

that girl: Whatever.

Practical to a Fault

I look over at the hubby and he’s got a pen in one hand, a piece of paper in another. In his lap is a photo directory, sort of like a mini-yearbook.

I see him put an X near one of the photos.

that girl: What are you doing?… Oh my gosh! Are you marking out people in the directory?

the hubby: Yes.

that girl: Why are you doing that?

the hubby: They are people who have died. (He continues making X’s in the directory.)

that girl: Are you serious?! That seems so wrong. Why don’t you just put a “D” next to their name?

the hubby: I don’t want to accidentally ask how so-and-so is doing and then it turns out they’ve died. That would be awkward.

that girl: That… What?… Why?… What? That is so messed up. Did you put X’s over their faces?

the hubby: No, just their name. I have some decency.

That hubby. He’s so practical.

LinkedIn is Goofy

or maybe it’s just the people I know.

There’s no legitimacy to people “endorsing” you. More than once, I’ve had acquaintances endorse me for things that I don’t even know how to do! Is it because the people I know don’t know how to use LinkedIn? Do they not get that you don’t have to endorse people using suggestions that LI presumably provides? Anybody can endorse you for anything!

Please, someone endorse me for my proficiency in hashtagging.

#Lame and #DoubleLame.

That is all.

Rainy Day Humor

The hubby likes to use humor to calm me down when I’m annoyed. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t and I get even more annoyed.

After a long day of sitting in the rain for 4 hours, he’s lucky I still had enough energy to laugh.

the hubby (on the phone): Have you dried out from the game yet?

that girl: Yeah, mostly. But there was a hole in my poncho!

the hubby: Oh no.

that girl, annoyed: Water kept dribbling in and I thought it was coming from how the hood was made. Turns out there was a hole, and I’m pretty sure you need to admit you made it.

the hubby: I wouldn’t put a hole in your poncho.

that girl: It was when you wore it, when we were in Canada.

the hubby: I’m a big man but I don’t remember wearing it.

that girl: Yes, I’m aware of that…. It was when we were riding on that double-decker bus and it was raining.

the hubby: Ah. Sorry about that.

that girl: The water kept running down the front of my shirt…. Since you told me I needed to wear a white t-shirt, I did.

the hubby: Oh.

that girl: I had a wet t-shirt contest happening under my poncho.

the hubby: Did you win?

that girl: Of course I did! hahahahaha!

I Got Nuthin’

Sometimes I write just to feel like I’m being productive with something. Anything. As is the case now. I need that feeling instead of what I’ve been feeling lately: anxious.

I’ve been feeling really anxious about my schoolwork. Pursuing a Masters (or is it master’s? Master’s? masters? eh.) was never a goal of mine but here I am. And now, I’m. Stuck.

I’m about to finish this dang thing but I can’t get over one huge, looming hurdle: my final project.



What terrible ways to describe the end to a significant accomplishment in my life. For the past however many semesters, I’ve held a demanding full-time job that has just about killed me, maintained a 4.0 (until last semester, that is) in my masters program, and learned a thing or two about journalism education. To be this close to finishing is a triumph in and of itself.

Shouldn’t I be excited? Shouldn’t I be seeing unicorns and rainbows? If only.

Sigh. I’m already behind in submitting my initial proposal to my committee chair because I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! I am drawing all sorts of blanks about what to do for my final project. I want to focus on something I believe in, something I enjoy, something modern, something I think others can benefit from but I keep coming up empty because others have already beaten me to the punch. (As in, no. I shouldn’t do anything about reporting using social media because that’s the project from a former student that we are given as the “gold star” of final projects.)

My chair says I should attempt to answer a question… create something that will add to the existing knowledge… further the knowledge in a particular area.

How do I do that? I feel like everything is already out there and there isn’t much that I can add to the mix.

ugh. Help me Rhonda… or anyone else.

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Stitch Fix #4

I received my fourth box from Stitch Fix (<–my referral link) today. (My other reviews.) I’m just going to cut to the chase in hopes that you already how this service works. This time around, I requested skirts and dresses.

First up, Oxmo – Janet Cotton Tab Sleeve Top. Surprisingly, I had the items that were featured on the style card, which were dark skinny jeans and a pair of short, brown cowboy boots. Hurrah!


So that you could see what it looks like I used the tab on one sleeve and kept the other down. Result? Blah. For $58, it wasn’t for me. For $15, it still wouldn’t be for me. I keep getting tab sleeve shirts from them, which is OK, but not my fave. You’ll see in a future post a tab sleeve that I bought at the store.

Next up, Lilla P – Aurelia Knit Skirt. I paired this one with my never-worn-in-public black patent thick belt and an also never-worn-in-public blouse from Zac and Rachel. I liked these items together, but there are a couple of issues.


First, it’s a plain black knit skirt with pockets. Blah. Second, it’s a plain black knit skirt with pockets for $88. WTF? Yowza. That’s a lot of green for a whole lotta nuthin’. Needless to say, this is going back. The good thing is, I know how I can wear that top now.

Onward… This is the 41Hawthorn – Calafia Jersey Wrap Dress. I have two wrap dresses and have worn them once or twice. I like them well enough but haven’t found them to be the best style on me. Regardless, I wanted to give it a shot. It was $58, which isn’t too bad a price if the dress is right. Unfortunately, this dress was very wrong.

OK, sooooo. I’m not sure what’s going on with this dress. I’m pretty sure I put it on correctly, but it looked lopsided. Also, I don’t have a problem with a short dress, when it’s a little more fitted and “controllable” but this one was a little too free. I felt like a figure skater but I don’t wear costume bloomers.

Below is the Evolution by Cyrus – Vicky Mixed Striped Sweater Dress. Similar to the stripes, I have mixed feelings about this dress.

I tried this dress on twice. I just couldn’t figure out if I liked it or not. It looked OK and was different. It looked really good, I thought, when I stuck my hip out–a lot–but, come on. Who stands around like that? Just Beyonce as far as I know. Also, it hit my knee at a weird spot. It was just a tad too long and I’m not sure how to shorten a sweater dress. sigh.

Lastly is this item from DownEast. Tell me how fantastically cute this is!


The pattern is made up of little Eiffel Towers, and best of all, it’s $38. I would totally wear this but…

It’s actually a skirt! Seriously. It was listed on my sheet as a skirt. Here’s what it looks like.


It was waaay too big. By about 4 inches in the waistline. So I had a little fun and tried it out as a mini-dress. ha! I’m a clothing MacGyver. It actually fit pretty well that way but if I kept it, I would need to add straps to it or something. Oh well.