Rainy Day Humor

The hubby likes to use humor to calm me down when I’m annoyed. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t and I get even more annoyed.

After a long day of sitting in the rain for 4 hours, he’s lucky I still had enough energy to laugh.

the hubby (on the phone): Have you dried out from the game yet?

that girl: Yeah, mostly. But there was a hole in my poncho!

the hubby: Oh no.

that girl, annoyed: Water kept dribbling in and I thought it was coming from how the hood was made. Turns out there was a hole, and I’m pretty sure you need to admit you made it.

the hubby: I wouldn’t put a hole in your poncho.

that girl: It was when you wore it, when we were in Canada.

the hubby: I’m a big man but I don’t remember wearing it.

that girl: Yes, I’m aware of that…. It was when we were riding on that double-decker bus and it was raining.

the hubby: Ah. Sorry about that.

that girl: The water kept running down the front of my shirt…. Since you told me I needed to wear a white t-shirt, I did.

the hubby: Oh.

that girl: I had a wet t-shirt contest happening under my poncho.

the hubby: Did you win?

that girl: Of course I did! hahahahaha!


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