Stitch Fix #3

Black and white and red all over–and some blue–is the theme for this Stitch Fix box.

Alythea blue knit blazerFirst, sorry for the blah photos. I would have taken pics with me in them but I just didn’t have time. I was a dork and scheduled the fix at one of the busiest times of the year for me.  Second, well, there is no second. ha.

Let’s start with the blue. I received another knit blazer. Last time, I really liked the blazer but a few things kept me from keeping it. First, it was just a tad too big. Second, it was pretty pricey. (I would have kept it despite the size if the price were lower.) Third, Mother Nature tends to skip spring and goes directly into summer around here. I would only get to wear it a handful of times. Anyway, the price on the blue blazer was $20 less than the pink one, so I considered it, until I looked like a sausage in it. Too tight and, I know this is picky, but I do not like gold buttons. Two strikes and you’re back in the box. I didn’t even bother to style the photo because I disliked this blazer so much and had only one OK photo of it.

Next up, the red, striped tank dress. Sooo cute! I really wanted this one. The price was right and it was very comfortable. It looks terrible on the hanger so here’s a link to a model wearing the dress. Notice that it is dubbed a “belted” dress. With mine, the belt was nowhere to be found. And one of the belt loops was broken. Ugh. Luckily, Stitch Fix made it up to me when I contacted them. Sadly, I had to return the dress before I would know if the belt issue would be resolved.

Now for the black and white/off white! I thought these shirts were fun and I really like black and white clothing. I have a lot of it in my wardrobe–too much if you count all the dresses! The first shirt was OK. The chevron print was bold, which I could handle. The hubby, though, thought I looked like a modern day Charlie Brown. ha! The problem I had here was how the pattern lined up. The v-neck threw it off and I couldn’t deal with it. Plus, the buttons. Nanay.

Next was the bird print blouse. This was a fun shirt. It was big and flowy, something that I don’t typically wear, but I gave it a shot. With this one, I couldn’t get the shirt to hang on me properly. It was a little “off.” Upon closer inspection, I believe the grain was not straight, which causes the twisting of the fabric. Given the price, it was not worth it to keep.

Lastly, the shirt I wanted to keep. It’s simple but there was something about it that I really liked. It too ended up back in the box. It was a little too snug across my chest.

Everything went back this time. Sigh. But! A couple of good things have come of my Stitch Fix experiences thus far.

  • I’ve ventured into trying tab sleeve blouses. I thought they were kind of blah and reminded me of out-of-date fashion. I’m willing to admit now that they can look really good. In fact, I bought one just the other day.
  • I realized I wanted a red dress with some sort of striping. I found and bought one of those the other day, too.
  • I really like patterns. I’ve known this for a while but I’m so glad I’ve been given the chance to try on some patterned blouses I never thought I’d wear.
  • Blouse-y, flow-y shirts are worth trying on if you style them properly. I used to think I looked like I was wearing a sack but some of them look good when tucked in to a pair of slim jeans.



One Response to “Stitch Fix #3”

  1. fon Says:

    Lol at the Charlie Brown comment! The dress is cute. Hope the belt situation work out for u.

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