Goodbye, Baby Doggie

My baby doggie

Our baby doggie enjoying his new bed (2011)

On April 18, we had to say goodbye to our sweet baby doggie. Most of his life was spent with us–all but the few weeks of his life when he was a puppy living with his mother. He was born in March 1999 and lived to be 14.

In his early years, he loved to play for hours at a time. He was very vocal and show tons of personality. He would play catch and jump in the air to catch a ball, like an outfielder in the World Series. He loved to play with his toys and chase them around the room.

He loved to run! He was fast and we even thought he would be a champion if we ever entered him in a wiener dog race.

He was smart, too. He understood what it meant when we said it was time for bed. He would sprint to his bed and hop right in, even figuring out how to cover himself in a blanket when he got cold.

When he was hungry, we would ask him where his food was, and he would touch it with his paw. We would even ask him, “Where’s it go?” and he would tap his food dish.

He was patient and always indulged me when I wanted to put a costume or a sweater on him. Yes, I was that kind of doggie mommy.

In his later years, he didn’t play as much and would sleep for hours on end but he still made us smile and laugh.

We miss him so much but are thankful for the joy he brought to our lives and those he interacted with.

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One Response to “Goodbye, Baby Doggie”

  1. Kristen Frantz Says:

    It’s amazing what joy a little (or in some cases, not so little!!) four-legged furball can bring. I’m glad you had many wonderful years with him…

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