I Have a Chair

There is a double meaning to this title of this post. One has to do with something you sit on. One has to do with a person and a personal milestone.

Definition 1: Seating

A friend recently posted photos to her Facebook page that included some really cute chairs. It turns out, the were re-vamped ā€” a DIY project where she changed the fabric on the seat. After seeing the chairs, I decided to scour the local thrift stores to try it myself. I needed a chair for the guest room and wasn’t happy with what I was finding in stores.

Here’s how I tackled this project. Click the images for the detailed play-by-play.

IMG_0016Overall, I’m pretty happy with the end result. Cost-wise, I think it was a good deal. It breaks down like this:

Chair – $6.00

Fabric – $5.00

Paint – $3.00

Staple Gun – $10.00

I probably could have gotten smaller quantities of the fabric and paint and saved a lot of money. Lesson learned. The good news is the fabric, paint, and staple gun can all be used for other projects. In fact, I’ve already made pillows from the fabric and I’ve already re-vamped a second chair for the hubby to use.

What do you think?

Definition 2: Person

Now for the big news. I have a chair for my professional project! That’s right, I’m on my way to graduation in the fall. Can you believe it? I’m one step closer to finishing this degree. Hooray for me. šŸ™‚


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