Stitch Fix Review #2

P1080763First, the big news. It snowed. Six inches. Two days ago. Today it’s 65 degrees. Second, because of the snow it felt even more like Christmas yesterday than when my first Stitch Fix box arrived last month. Third, let’s get to the box!

Oh wait. Before we hit the cardboard. I had massive plans to create this really fun slideshow thingy paired with music and all of my thoughts about what I received. The problem, though, is that WordPress won’t let me upload the file to my blog, and I’m not about to put my pics on YouTube. Dang. Foiled again. So we’ll just work with the not-as-fun still images.

I took a ton of photos this time around in preparation of those “massive plans” and actually attempted to put together outfits.

Anyway, I also put some tags on each photo. (Sorry this page is a bit busy as a result!) The items in the blue-green boxes are what I received from Stitch Fix. The purple tagged stuff is my own. Click on the photos to see larger images.

To the left is the necklace I received. Now for the clothes. First up, Costa Blanca dress.

Bad, bad, bad. This dress made me look chunky. I just don’t do well with puffy skirts. Also, I was not impressed with the quality of this dress. The stripes on the dress didn’t line up very well.

I even tried wearing it with the next item, similar to the suggestion on the card but still no. The good news is I asked for a bright-colored blazer and Stitch Fix delivered. I liked this Luii blazer a lot. It’s a tad too big but at least it doesn’t seem to be unflattering.

This Sweet Rain top confused me a little bit. I just didn’t know if I was wearing it correctly with some of the things I chose to pair it with. It looked good with jeans but I wasn’t sold on the skirt and belt combo.

This shirt was a tank top by Lost, which was a perfect way to describe how I felt trying to figure out what to do with it. It wasn’t until after I had put everything away that I realized that I should have adjusted the side tie to be tighter or maybe tucked the shirt in. Oh well.

What do you think? Which are the keepers?



2 Responses to “Stitch Fix Review #2”

  1. Kristen Frantz Says:

    I know you said you didn’t like the stripped dress, but I thought it looked really good with the white sweater.

    I also liked the sweet rain top with jeans.

    But my favorite was the last pic with the white jacket and reddish pants. Very cute!!!

  2. fon Says:

    I agree with Kristen! I actually like the stripped dress on you! And that sweet rain top is very cute when you styled it with jeans and flats!

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