Technology Timewarp

Hubby and I, we are not a high-tech people. Wait, that’s not true. We are… mid-tech. Together, we know a lot about technology and the digital world–far more than the average person. Part of this is because of our work. We can tell you all sorts of things about cameras, 1080i, FireWire, P2, HDMI, SDHC, AVCHD, and a slew of other initials.

In spite of all that, we choose not to buy all the gadgets and gizmos most everyone else has. Neither one of us has a smart phone. In fact, we don’t like cell phones. We don’t have iPads or Kindles. Hubby’s laptop is ancient by computer standards. We just don’t spend a ton of money on stuff like that and the hubby tends to keep our older technology for as long as we can. I, personally, am indifferent about it.

That said, I hope you find this conversation amusing. It happened moments ago. In 2013.

hubby: Why can’t I sort columns in Excel?

that girl: You can. You just don’t know how to do it. Click on the column. Then click that A-Z button…. Oh my gosh! Is that the paper clip?

hubby: It’s the office assistant. I ignore that b*tch!

that girl: You’re using the paper clip? You’re so 2000-and-late. I hope you’re not stuck with this version of Word for the rest of your life. You should change it to the puppy.

hubby: There’s a puppy?

that girl: Yeah, he’s cute.

hubby: I like puppies. How do I change it to a puppy?

that girl: Click on the paper clip and ask it.

[Sound of hubby typing.]

hubby: Oh! It says that I can change the office assistant.

[Mouse clicking sounds.]

hubby: There’s a red ball! A robot? A wizard?!… Is that a cat or is that a dog? I think it’s a cat…. Rocky, the dog. Boooom! Got it.

that girl: What did you type when you asked the paper clip?

hubby: “Change to a puppy.”

that girl: Hahaha. That’s what you typed?! Hilarious!

hubby: Mmm. Hmm.

that girl: Wait, but why is that the paper clip still?

hubby: It says I don’t have the dog installed…. Dang. I only have paper clip software.

that girl: That’s sad.

2 Responses to “Technology Timewarp”

  1. Kristen Frantz Says:

    I love these stores!!!!

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