Adventures in Word Association

The hubby and I were watching the news and they were talking about road prep for the upcoming snowfall. The video showed the chemical they put on the roads to keep the asphalt from freezing over.

hubby: What is that stuff called? It’s something that starts with a c… chlor…?

that girl: Chloride? Sodium Chloride? That’s salt, right? NaCl.

hubby: Nah. It’s cla- something. Like… calamity.

that girl: Calamity? What in the world?!… Clomid… Chlamydia… Chloride? Chloroform? Chloraseptic?

hubby: It’s on the tip of my tongue… Clo…? Cala…?

that girl: Brine?

hubby: Yeah! Brine! That’s it!

that girl: Oh my gosh! hahahahahahaha. Brine! It’s freaking brine! hahahaha. Starts with a c, huh?… Brine. Hilarious.


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