Is this Mean?

Sometimes in the middle of the day when I am home, the phone will ring and I am cautious about how I answer it. Sometimes I pretend I’m a kid because my voice is easily mistaken for one. Sometimes, I don’t say hello and I just listen for people talking on the other end. All of this is to avoid have fun with telemarketers.

The other day the phone rang and I ran to answer it. I paused for a moment then decided to speak.

that girl: Hello?

[Pause on the other end.]

caller: Is this _____ (insert the hubby’s common male name)?

that girl:Does this sound like _____? NO! [Loud huff] [Click]

Is this mean?

Sometimes I really wish I would think to answer the phone that is not wireless so that I can throw the handset back on the cradle with a loud noise. I’d enjoy a more dramatic ending to these phone calls.


One Response to “Is this Mean?”

  1. chaoticscribbles Says:

    I have to admit at my old job, they made me cold call a long list of people (I didnt last very long at that job mind you) but once I called and asked a similar question ‘is that mrs something-or-rather’ and a really feminine voice replied ‘do i sound like mrs something-or-rather?!’ … which was followed by a very long and awkward silence. ‘…….no?’

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