Last Names are Sooo 1983

Even Big Ben doesn’t have a last name.

I got to wondering the other day about Prince Harry and Prince William. What in the world is their last name? Do they even have a last name? When Prince William married Catherine Middleton, she didn’t suddenly change her last name. People still use Middleton and her title Duchess of Cambridge.

So I did some checking and it turns out, the princes don’t have last names, and–unlike Cher and Madonna (and Prince for that matter)–they never had last names! Wacky, I say… until I discovered via the oh-so-trustworthy Wikipedia that they have four names! Prince Harry is actually Henry Charles Albert David. Prince William is William Arthur Philip Louis.

On top of that, the older prince has the official “Duke of Cambridge” title. Poor Harry. He is just Prince Harry of Wales. I feel for him. The younger sibling always get the shaft. At the same time, I think it’s sort of fitting for Harry. To me he’s like the everyman. If it were like a Hispanic last name, he could be Harry de la Cruz. ha!

Peasants, what would your royal title be? Would you even have one or would you be hangin’ with Prince Harry de la Cruz?


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