Embargo Request: Olympics Results

I wish there were some kind of news embargo that could be placed on reporting entities in the United States when it comes to the Olympics. I don’t know about you, but when I watch the events, I don’t want to already know the results. It takes away all of the excitement of watching.

Sadly, at least for me and my own selfish world, the internet and TV have both ruined a couple of events.

I intentionally avoid news websites because of how they must beat out the competition at all costs–including my enjoyment. But I made a mistake and I left a news headlines feed open on my iGoogle page. ugh. The one headline that I happened to see told me about the results for the Men’s 400IM in swimming. A huge race that I was looking forward to watching. Admittedly my own stupid fault for not thinking to close the feed, but dang it, help me out!

I have a lot of friends working in the news business and they have been kind enough not to report results in their Facebook feeds, so I have been fortunate not to accidentally read results that way. However, their employers–or I should say, the big networks–don’t seem to follow this idea. The second time I found out results was completely unexpected. I had the TV on in the background and ABC News had a news update. I looked up. They told me what happened in Women’s Gymnastics. Tonight’s Women’s Gymnastics that is currently playing on NBC… the event I am obviously not paying attention to. Dang you, ABC!

This “day and age of reporting” is just freaking annoying. The goal for immediacy really, while it can sometimes be beneficial, can also be a detriment to just enjoying thing. Honestly, I would prefer to watch a station that tells me they will not reveal the results until after the tape-delay footage has aired in the evening. Are you listening, ABC, NBC, CBS, and whomever else?! What a novel idea for keeping viewers tuned in. Or if you can’t manage that, how about a “spoiler alert” like they do on blogs?


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