Party Time

Back in the day, a party was a party. Now a party is a… sales call. What happened?

Recently, I’ve received a couple of invitations to an XYZ party at so-and-so’s house. I guess I look like I have a lot of “unassigned” cash but I’m not dumb. I know that these are not really “parties.” Sorry but 5 people sitting in a room leafing through catalogs does not a party make! Anyway, these parties tend to rope you into buying merchandise with pricing that is kicked up a notch. They make you lose your senses. They make you feel guilty.

And, yet, I go.

Why, you ask? I go to support my friends… and eat free food. Yeah, I said it. I go for the free food. What? Almost every invitation I get is laced with food bribery. That’s part of the ploy in getting you there so I say, why not?

Below is a smattering of the invites I’ve had over the years:

  • Tastefully Simple – I don’t know because I didn’t go. The party was an hour away.
  • Pampered Chef – cooking supplies. I don’t know how to cook.
  • Party Lite – candles… I still have them–tea lights–and I ordered them about 8 years ago!
  • Mary Kay – (twice!) help your friend earn a pink Cadillac by buying beauty products. I didn’t start wearing makeup until about 3 years ago soooo… I’m not the cash cow you’re looking for.
  • Scentsy – air freshener things in warmers. I’m waiting on an order. ha.
  • Velata – an off-shoot of Scentsy but the stuff you would “warm” is chocolate… for fondue. It was yummy but pricey.
  • Thirty-one – bags and more bags with personalization via embroidery. Some cute stuff but I didn’t find anything that I had to have.
  • Gold party – I’m not even sure what this was. I think you could sell your gold jewelry or something. I don’t wear gold and I think I may have conveniently been out of town.
  • Creative Memories – scrapbooking supplies. I like paper and things to cut paper but that’s the end of it.

Did I miss anything? Please, warn me so that I can get my eating pants ironed and lock my purse in the car.

I am proud to say that in total, I’ve only bought $30 worth of stuff. Aren’t you proud of me? Just go equipped with will power, a low spending cap (like $15) and no feelings of guilt when you don’t buy, and you’ll walk away with a snack-filled tummy and a full wallet.

I’d like to go to a Tupperware party but don’t know if those still happen. Anyone?


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