I’ll Do that Tomorrow

Wow. Do you ever get so busy that you end up procrastinating?… See that nutshell? That’s me sitting in it.

I like to live life feeling occupied but sometimes I have far too much on my plate that I just end up shutting down. If I were a computer, I’d probably have a virus or bug. My brain veers off path… for better or worse. A lot of times, it’s for worse, and I choose to do more physical tasks that don’t require brainpower. I like the idea of still being productive. The problem, though, is that the physical tasks wear me out so much that I’m too tired to concentrate on those brain things. It’s a vicious cycle.  That’s been going with me every weekend for about a month, which is bad–terrible, actually.

While our new yard and landscape are looking better and the house is not in shambles, the number of assignments I need to grade keeps growing and the semester is nearing a close. I know,  you’re probably thinking, “Why are you on here blogging, you moron?!” Well, I’m not Superwoman, people. You’d probably do the same if you worked about 12 hours a day. Not that I’m complaining. It’s just the way it is.

Anyway, I’m trying to combat my known issues. I’ve now developed three separate to-do lists. They are lovingly known as the following:

  • Get your mind right to do this stuff – These are student projects or things multiple people are reliant on me for. This requires a heavy amount of brain power, no sugar crashes, and a high concentration level.
  • When your brain is too tired to grade at home – This is stuff I need to do but maybe I can use a fewer number of brain cells to get it done. It might just requires a review, not an analysis. (Read: less at stake.)
  • Things you’ve already forgotten to do – This is stuff that I keep thinking I’d like to do at home but always forget about because I’d rather be asleep.

Welcome to my world.


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