Mistaken Identities

I have a weird name. So weird, in fact, that many people don’t know if I’m male or female, though by default they seem to assume I am male. I have come to accept that as a fact of life.

These days, though, I’m being mistaken for a soccer player. A male soccer player.

Yeah, futbol, joga bonita, etc. People think I’m a Portuguese(?) Brazilian(?) soccer player… at least, that is what I am guessing. Of my growing number of Twitter followers (a massive 56 tweeps), some of them seem to speak a foreign language I do not understand when they mention me with an @. The problem is, I can’t even translate what they are saying because they are using short form to fit the 140-character limit! Otherwise, I would tell them I am not who they think I am… or I would play along and be that person. ha.

I wonder if they are cursing my name.

I can’t be the only one with this issue, right? Surely one of you is mistaken for a supermodel or perhaps a race car driver?

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3 Responses to “Mistaken Identities”

  1. Queen of Pith Says:

    Sometimes I mistake you for an little puppet on public access TV that says “Oy! Oy!”

  2. thedailydish Says:

    Too funny! If I knew anything about international soccer, I’d try to guess your name. Good thing I’m too lazy to google it, huh? Lol

    A couple years ago I had 2 women follow me around a store. They finally stopped me and said they’d thought I was Daryl Hannah. I told them they could feel free to pretend and offered to give them an autograph.

    There is another Christy Ellingsworth who lives in NYC and is involved in the theater. She’s also a runner, and I’m always impressed when I stumble on her times. I have no stamina for running. Perhaps I can pretend I am also her? Just kidding.

    Good luck with your dopleganger! I hope for your sake he’s an excellent player.

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