Drummin’ Dreams

For the great majority of my life I’ve played a musical instrument. It started when I was in 3rd grade and asked my parents for a piano. Quite a hefty request for an 8-year-old but they bought one and my sister and I took lessons. That lasted until I was a senior in high school… when I faded away into laziness and disinterest and my teach quit on me. Yeah, she quit on me. I deserved it… I had a break for a while when I was in college, though I did play the piano from time to time whenever I was within 10 feet of one.

Secretly, though, I’ve always wanted to be a drummer. I picked music up again when I became a full-fledged adult able to pay for my own lessons. Enter, the steel drums. I’ve been playing them since 2005. That sort of fulfilled that drummer dream but you know the dream I’m really talking about. The drums.

Get this. My dream is a-happenin’. Sort of. A few months ago, I was playing around on a junky set of drums and it turns out that I may have some untapped talent. So say my fellow steel drummers after seeing me pick up some sticks and playing around on the junky set. Apparently playing Rock Band has helped me play real drums. Anyway, earlier this month, I got that junky set-ish (parts are missing) of drums for free. Awesome, right? Yeah, the set is in my basement. I don’t want to work and I’m ready to bang on them all day.

Would you like to live vicariously through me or are you already rockin’ a set of drums?

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One Response to “Drummin’ Dreams”

  1. thedailydish Says:

    Love it!! I’ve always wanted to play the drums. In HS, my best girlfriends & I dreamed of starting a band. Unfortunately, only 1 of us could play. Granted, she (musical friend) is super talented and probably could have done all the parts herself, but it would have looked silly the rest of us standing around.

    We just bought my youngest a drum set for Christmas. She and my husband now have band practice together (he plays guitar). I play a little piano. Perhaps we could start a family band?

    Best of luck to you!! Never let those dreams die.

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