Life in NOLA

Ahhhhh. A moment to breathe.

So! The hubby and I just got back from a long stint of travel–since Dec. 21, 2011. Before that, I was drowning in grading to finish up the semester.

Now we’re back in town and we’re about to move in a couple of days. Seriously. Are we insane or what?

Anyway, shall I hit the highlights? We went to visit my family for a couple of days over the holidays. Then we crossed the state to visit my in-laws. We came back home for a little less than a day and headed out of town for the hubby’s work.

Much of what I will tell you about next will seem to fall into the “it’s a long story” category. Just bear with me.

We were in the Big Easy for about a week. We celebrated New Year’s there, which I hear is one of the best places to celebrate in the country. I wouldn’t know because drunk people make me uncomfortable. Instead, we watched fireworks overlooking the Mississippi River. It was cool.

Earlier that night, we went to a casino to try our luck at slot machines. We played Monkees- and Village People-themed machines. Both were fun. The hubby told me we won a whopping $8.00, which is far better than losing that amount, since we were ahead, we left and had dinner.

The next day, a group of ladies and I toured some homes in the French Quarter. Each home had nice gardens and a pool… and a 3-piece band playing some jazz tunes! The first house was a bit of a bust, but the second house was really fantastic. Below is a view from a balcony.

After the tours, we had lunch. A great lunch. A lunch in which I ate far too much. I don’t typically get appetizers, but this time around, it was part of the deal. So I got Fried Green Tomatoes with a Shrimp Creole sauce. It was soooo good… Chef Paul Prudhomme even made an appearance. (It was his restaurant.)

The next day, the ladies and I hit up a piano bar and decorated parasols. The music was great and it was a good time. Afterwards, we ended up in a parade, throwing beads to anyone and everyone who wanted them. Eventually, we had lunch at the oldest restaurant in the city. All of that sounds like I made it up, but I didn’t. Here’s a shot before the parade.

Later that evening, I went to a concert in which this season’s Heisman trophy winner (RG3!) made a special appearance. Kelly Clarkson provided the tunes free of charge. It was a good show.

The next day, it was all Super Dome all the time.

Thanks for hitting the highlights with me. I hope you enjoyed the photos. 🙂


One Response to “Life in NOLA”

  1. kris Says:

    loved it! i took a walking haunted history tour in the french quarter a few years ago and it was fantastic. glad you had a good time, but sorry that the Hokies got jacked in their game 😦 (and i’m not a vt fan at all, but even i know ya’ll got hosed!)

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