Utensils for Adults

About two years ago, a great debate surfaced… about spoons… and their domination as the most useful eating utensil.

Today, a new debate: which size spoon is better?

Yes, lovely readers, these are the debates that transpire in our household at 10:30pm on a Saturday night. We’re an exciting couple. I know. Read the conversation below and pick a side. I need to declare a winner spooner rather than later.

The premise: I was hungry and I decided to eat a bowl of cereal. Early into the noms, I had to stop eating. The size of the spoon was bothering me.

that girl: These little spoons are so annoying. They are so dinky. They don’t hold any milk.
the hubby: Why would you want so much milk? They are good because you don’t have to waste your time with the milk.
that girl: I like to see the cereal floating in the milk in the spoon. It’s like two birds, one stone. Something to eat and drink…. I can’t eat this stuff. I need a new spoon.

I start to reach into the dishwasher to pull out an unwashed adult-sized spoon.
the hubby: Those are dirty! That’s dirty. Dirty!
that girl: Calm down. I know. I was going to wash it.
the hubby: That’s gross. It’s not sanitized. The dishwasher sanitizes.
that girl: You’re insane. I’m going to hand-wash it. Don’t worry. I’ll use soap.

Returning to my bowl of cereal…

that girl: This spoon is sooo much better.
the hubby: Why are you using a spoon meant for horses? That spoon is huge.
that girl: No, this is meant for adults. You use spoons meant for 5-year-olds. You use those worthless dinky spoons. How can you eat anything? They don’t hold jack. I’d like to finish eating today. That little spoon was taking too long and it was leaving all the milk in the bowl.
the hubby: Just get more cereal! That one you’re using is for serving.
that girl: It’s not. Real people use spoons like this. Those others are for babies!

Andddd… scene.

Seriously, I was not eating from a serving spoon. Serving spoons have slots.

In the set of utensils we have, there is a small fork, a big fork, a small spoon, a big spoon, and a knife. The big question is, how insane do you think the hubby is?Β He uses the big spoon to stir chocolate milk or coffee.


10 Responses to “Utensils for Adults”

  1. Casey_Leigh Says:

    what about sporks….oh and I think the spoon size definitely depends on the food. Cereal? Big spoon. Oatmeal? Little spoon.

  2. Ape No. 1 Says:

    Hahaha. “a spoon meant for horses”

    If I had a dollar for every spoon debate I have been privy to. I have to unfortunately confirm that a serving spoon, or tablespoon, does not have slots and is distinguished by it’s larger size but if works for you then who cares. As long as it is “sanitized” by the dishwasher I guess.

    • that girl Says:

      To clarify, we do have serving spoons in the same design as the big spoon (which I guess is a tablespoon?). One has slots and one does not. I was using neither. For the sake of emphasis in the debate, however, I almost pulled out the large plastic spoon I use for cooking but I knew that would end up being very messy.

  3. Christy Says:

    Too funny! Reading this as I munch my bowl of cereal, using a BIG spoon!

    Our silverware also came with large and small spoons as well as forks. I put the small utensils in bags and stored them in a drawer. They are cute but pretty much useless unless you’re having a tea party.

    Long live the large spoons!

  4. Queen of Pith Says:

    I don’t like huge spoons, but not dinky either. I would say that I use a table spoon. That is my size. But I cannot STAND soup spoons for anything other than soup/

  5. kris Says:

    i had to show this to my other half and he agreed with you! i, however, agree with your hubby. and for the record, i’ve read this post about 5x and everytime it makes me laugh out loud. i can actually picture the two of you having this conversation and that makes it even funnier to me πŸ™‚

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