Homes Owners

This week, we closed on our new house. We are now the proud owners of two homes. Not that we want to own two homes. We don’t. The new house was one we couldn’t let slip by, so we bought it with the intention of putting our current one on the market once we’ve moved out. It’s going to be a process but we knew that going into it.

Anyway, since Monday, we’ve gone to the house every day. We have some things to do before we can move, including waiting for the hubby to be off from work but I digress. We started off with cleaning… and I overheated our Ghostbusters-style handheld vacuum (photo) with the collection of dust bunnies and cobwebs. We’ve also delivered paint and supplies for our handyman.

Today I went to the house by myself because the hubby is out of town for work. It felt kind of weird. There were things in the house. Granted, it wasn’t legitimate furniture or anything like that, just ladders and painting supplies, but this was the first time I saw it with things scattered about. It felt like it was our house, whereas in past visits, I felt like we were just the cleaning crew. It also felt weird because the walls were partially painted in the colors we chose. We’ve never painted our walls before. And the room that I am claiming as my own was painted. Whoa. This is. For. Real. And of course, hubby wasn’t with me. It was weird to wander around this big, somewhat empty house without him there, too. 😦

So I went home. To our other house.

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