The Power of the Good Cry

Even though my interaction with Facebook is growing smaller every day, I noticed quote posted by multiple friends that has really meant something to me–especially these past few weeks. It reads, “People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long.”

We have a lot going on with life lately. I’m taking a class for my masters program. I’m teaching a new class which now equals an overload of 3 more in-classroom hours this semester. I’m responsible for coordinating production equipment needs for that overload. It’s football season and the hubby is working more because of it. The dog keeps peeing everywhere and screams and howls when he gets penned up…. Oh, and did I mention? We’re buying a new house. And that’s not really everything that’s going on!


I consider myself a pretty strong person. I can handle a ton of stress before I crack but I am also not afraid to admit that I’m a cry baby. Sometimes I make myself cry on purpose, so that I can relieve some stress. This morning, I really needed a good cry–dog-related–but I only shed a few tears. Then when I got to work, I got teary talking to a friend who understood my need to cry. That cry only lasted a minute. It wasn’t enough. Then when I was teaching, we were talking about a topic that is very sensitive to me and I got teary-eyed and had to leave the room. That has never happened to me.

Still, it wasn’t enough. I still need my good cry. I know I’ve stayed strong for too long.

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One Response to “The Power of the Good Cry”

  1. Christy Ellingsworth (@DailyDishTweets) Says:

    Boy have I been there. The good thing is how much better you’ll feel once you can have that good cry. It will come.

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