I Didn’t Feel the Earth Move

It’s been an eventful week Earth-wise. An earthquake on the second day of class. A hurricane running up the east coast.

On earthquake day, we–my students and I–didn’t feel anything as it was happening. I guess being in the middle of a big building puts you in a more stable position. So when I found out about it as they were working in their groups, I interrupted to let them know there was an earthquake. We all just looked at each other, dumbfounded. A wha? Did you just say “earthquake”? In hindsight, I should have let them text their parents to let them know they were fine but Earthquake Procedure was not on the Emergency poster in the room. I kid, yes, but only because I know that no one was seriously hurt.

Honestly, I was a little bummed. Strange but true. Not that I want to experience a devastating earthquake, certainly not, but I couldn’t help but wonder how much shaking when on. Of course, when the hubby came home, I interrogated him about his ‘quake experience and he appeared to be rather surprised that I didn’t have a story to tell as well. He happened to be on the phone when it hit and thought one of his co-workers was shaking his chair for no reason. When he turned around, no one was there. And he said he wished he knew what was happening when it happened. I guess he would have taken a moment to take it all in.

As for Irene, we had a cloudy day. We were too far inland to even get rain. My parents got the usual street flooding and my sister had a heavy accumulation of rain by their dock but they are fine also.

Hopefully all of you are fine and, like us, were not majorly impacted by Mother Nature. How did things go in your neck of the woods? Did your pets give you signs that the earthquake was coming? I’ve always been fascinated by that stuff. Do tell!


One Response to “I Didn’t Feel the Earth Move”

  1. Christy Ellingsworth (@DailyDishTweets) Says:

    I definitely felt the earthquake. I was sitting on our back deck reading a book, when my chair began to sway. I thought at first it was me – having Meniere’s these weird things sometimes happen. So I adjusted in my chair, thinking maybe my leg was fidgeting or something. But no, the chair kept moving. I ended up standing up and walking into the house to check on the girls. They were playing a video game and hadn’t noticed anything. So I went back out and sat down. The chickens were nestled at my feet and weren’t disturbed at all. Hours later I read about the earthquake — which had taken place at precisely the same time my seat shook. SO GLAD it wasn’t me!!!

    The hurricane had moved west by the time it reached Maine, the eye straddling VT and NH. So they got a terrible whipping. We got rain, but much more wind than anything. It killed most of our corn, but our house and cars are fine. The pets didn’t seem bothered. In fact, the chickens kept standing at the door of their pen wanting OUT!

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