Stop Calling Me!

Lately I’ve been up a little later than usual. It is summer after all, but I can’t sleep in the next morning. Why? Because I inevitably get a wake-up call. Here’s the thing, though, I don’t live in a hotel! I don’t request a call the night before. It’s a call from CVS Pharmacy! And it’s a reminder about my prescription. But it’s not. Because the automated system does not mention my name or my husband’s. It asks for someone named Joseph Reed.

To say this is annoying, is an understatement. This has been going on for years but we’re usually at work when the call probably comes in. When it first started happening, we let it slide a few times. Then we hit started listening to the whole message and it would provide an opt-out, wrong number option. Of course, we did that. That was about 2 years ago. Last week, I called the pharmacy and asked them to remove the number from their database in hopes that the calls would stop.

They didn’t. I received a call again this morning, which is not good since I could not get to sleep until 2:00am last night.

I called the pharmacy again, and this time the person who answered said that I had to call 1800-SHOP-CVS to remove the automation because she could not do it there. WTF?! I was mad and almost yelled at the woman to ask why I was not told that in the first place. For goodness sake, I thought I explained to the first woman how much these calls needed to stop, but apparently, she didn’t think it was necessary to tell me about the real number to call.

I called the 800 number and the woman on the other end was very sympathetic, and she asked me for the store location and phone number, etc. so that she could send an email to stop the notifications. I told her that I already contacted the pharmacy. Perhaps she has a higher power.

We get our prescriptions there because of its proximity to the house and we also go there a lot for other stuff, but that will stop if the calls don’t. If this doesn’t get resolved soon, I’m going to have to boycott the store and have Wayne Brady choke a b*tch! (I hope you get that joke.)


4 Responses to “Stop Calling Me!”

  1. thedailydish Says:

    Uuuugh. We had a similar situation when we lived in Philadelphia. A former Variety Store (Leroy’s Variety) once had the same phone number as our home, so for YEARS I would answer and get “Hello, is Leroy there.” “May I speak to the owner?” and every variation in between. I would kindly tell these people that Leroy’s Variety was no more and ask that they PLEASE remove our residential number from their list.. but it persisted. I tried contacting the phone company and they gave me a similar run-around to your CVS, I wish you much luck — it took us MOVING STATE to stop getting those annoying calls!!!

    • that girl Says:

      My husband’s name is somewhat common and we’ve had people calling the house looking for someone else with the same name. Once there was a call about a motorcycle. Then there was a call warning him about something dangerous, like he was going to get beat up or something.

      • thedailydish Says:

        That’s insane!

        The Leroy’s calls were a big part of the reason we opted against a land line after the move. We only have cell phones – my husband and I. No more wrong numbers, solicitation phone calls, thank GOD almighty we are free at last!!

      • that girl Says:

        You are lucky that you don’t get wrong numbers and whatnot. I get those on my cell phone. Weird texts sometimes, too. Someone wanted to know how much I was asking for the scooter. I don’t have a scooter nor was I selling one. LOL.

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