Stop in the Name of the Law!

After 15+ years of flawlessness, my streak is over.

I almost wish this were my no-vomit streak but it’s not. Today, I violated the rules of the road and got a ticket! Me. I got. A ticket. It was super lame, too. I rolled through a stop sign in a neighborhood and there was a police car sitting in the direction that I looked before going, but I didn’t stop completely. I am a thug on wheels!

After I did it, I thought, “That must be where a police officer lives.” So wrong. Blue lights flashing. Immediate guilt.

This is awful, people. I’m the type of person who doesn’t cut corners in parking lots and has never gotten a speeding ticket. (Knock on wood.) And now I have this dang ticket. I can contest it in court but I know I did it, so I should just pay the fine, right? Then again, it bugs me to no end that I no longer have a perfect record. ugh.

Oh, and how’s this for justice? As I was sitting there waiting for my ticket, TWO cars pulled u-turns right in the middle of the road just a few yards down the street. They didn’t get tickets because the officer was too busy writing mine. Brilliant!

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