The Thank You Note

As a kid, I was never taught the value of writing a thank you note. It just wasn’t a part of my culture. You said thank you the moment you received a gift. You said thank you when someone did something nice for you. Writing a note was just plain foreign. It wasn’t until I met the hubby that I had any understanding of the thank you note. He was raised with the thank you note and expected me to send one to his mom for something or other. Whether or not I actually sent it, I don’t know.

Now, I get it. I understand the value of the thank you note. It’s a beautiful thing. It can make your day.

This time of year (the end of the school year), I tend to feel particularly under-appreciated. Students are annoyed and just plain crazy. Faculty is stressed. Graduation is around the corner. There’s a lot that I have to do. It’s enough to make me cry! The magical thing that gets me through? The thank you note. Not that I expect these notes. I really don’t. But when I have received them in the past, I’ve felt so happy.

I was surprised by a note from one of my December grads at the end of last semester. This semester, I received thank yous from two students! One was a hand-written card from a student I had only known for the semester and the other was a typed letter from a student I had in multiple classes. He wrote about the memories he had with me as his teacher. Amazing! It was touching to read how I made an impact in both of their lives…. So here’s the thing that I find particularly interesting, all of these I’m-graduating-thank-you notes I have received have only been from male students. Why is that? Is it just a thing that young men learn from their mothers? What do you think?


2 Responses to “The Thank You Note”

  1. thedailydish Says:

    WOW. Truly amazing that all the notes have been from male students. Methinks you must be 1) a great teacher and 2) a great looker. Hah!

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