The Grass Ain’t Greener

that girl: I’m going shopping tomorrow. Do you need anything?
the hubby: Yes, pick me up a hoe and some grass.
that girl: You need a prostitute and some marijuana?
the hubby: Yes. Thank you.

aaaand scene.

In case you’re wondering, we are in the midst of trying to make grass grow in the backyard where 2 summers ago, there was a flood and subsequent trenches were dug. The trenches were not dug by us but the homeowners association. They attempted to seed the mudpit and grow grass themselves, but after much failure, we are tired of their lame efforts. Buy sod already, dang you people! We decided to take it upon ourselves to grow the grass because, well, we’re tired of the little doggy having to walk in mud to do his business. As a low-riding dachshund, it is unfun for him and us to go out after it rains.

So we are spending our own money to fix a problem they should have fixed long ago. Hooray. The yard on the side of the house is still a wreck. There is netting stuck in the dirt and not much grass to speak of. Just imagine the photo below with dead grass, hay, leaves, and tangled green netting. Pretty, right?


4 Responses to “The Grass Ain’t Greener”

  1. thedailydish Says:

    Uuugh. Best of luck to you!! We are dealing w/ our own grass issues – of the infernal white grub variety. And my hands are tied until july, when I’ll be able to get my hands on a natural remedy. till then, i am averting my gaze! LOL

  2. nat @book, line, and sinker Says:

    lolllllllll! love that convo–it sounded so promising. mwa ha ha. as for doing all that yard stuff, good luck. i’m so NOT a fan of that. i don’t like working inside or out…i just like to read and travel. my next house might be an extended stay hotel. 🙂 hope all is well–i miss the fun CWG days but can barely find enough hours in the day to sleep. hope all is well with you. looking forward to some updated pics on the yard.

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