Toilet Training

It’s the issue that sends married people into a tizzy. No, not money. Not the in-laws.

The toilet seat!

I see this issue debated on sit-coms from time-to-time. On a recently episode of a reality television show that shall remain nameless, the woman got very upset with the man for leaving the toilet seat up. She fell in and he hadn’t flushed. Gross. I can see how that would be upsetting, but isn’t she just as much at fault as he is?

This is an issue the hubby and I have never had problems with and I don’t really get why other couples do. If a man needs to lift the toilet seat to use the facilities, why shouldn’t a woman have to put the seat down to do the same? Yes, yes, I’ve heard the argument that the seat is “normally” down but so what? If the door to your closet is normally open, but happens to be closed, do you think you would accidentally run into the door? I doubt it. So why do so many women fuss when the seat is up. Shouldn’t they look before sitting down?


2 Responses to “Toilet Training”

  1. thedailydish Says:

    Very valid argument. Personal responsibility! Too bad folks are really into that, for the most part. hah!!

    My husband never ever everrrr leaves the seat up – and I didn’t even have to train him!! I am a VERY lucky woman, I know.

  2. Lori Dyan Says:

    Ha – you are officially an ass butler! Welcome to the club…

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