Crushing on Kenzie

The hubby and I regularly watch the TV show Southland on TNT. If you like police dramas, it’s a great one to latch on to. It’s quite fantastic. Besides that, I enjoy that Ben McKenzie. (I should mention that I never watched the O.C., his former show.) Sure, he’s easy to look at, but he does a great job on this show. In fact, when we wrapped up watching a DVR’ed episode, the following short conversation transpired.

that girl: Um… I think I have a crush on Ben McKenzie.
the hubby (without missing a beat): Me, too.

Just so you know, I only crush on people I think are lovely and talented. Ladies, does your husband/boyfriend/significant other have a man crush on someone as awesome as Ben McKenzie?

3 Responses to “Crushing on Kenzie”

  1. ashallann Says:

    LOL, love this! My manfriend has a total man crush on Jon Hamm! Ben McKenzie is pretty amazing too.

  2. kristen Says:

    yes. Johnny Depp and I really can’t fault him for that lol

  3. thedailydish Says:

    HAHAHAHAHHHH!! I think I mentioned the word ‘man crush’ precisely one time to my husband and it garnered guffaws I’ve never broached the subject again.

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