You Drive Like a Lunatic

My commute home from work is about a 10-minute drive. From time to time, I run into some unsavory types – dangerous, bad drivers! I’m sure most of us come across bad drivers now and again, but are they headed to your neighborhood?

The hubby and I moved to our house well before they decided to build an alcohol safety action program building down the main road leading to our neighborhood. Basically it’s a building where bad drivers – and presumably drunkards, given the name – go to take classes for violating the law.

At first, I didn’t really care that it was there. Then I started to notice. I started to notice cars recklessly speeding down the exit ramp about a mile and a half from the house. I started to notice people cutting me off because they didn’t know how to navigate the weird intersection. I started to notice cars going well over the speed limit, which is 25mph. I noticed drivers speeding down the left lane leading to our neighborhood and then abruptly merging back into the right lane when they realize the left lane ends.

It’s crazy! I can always pick out one of these lunatic drivers without fail. It’s no surprise that they are having to go to those classes. I’m just glad most of them are sober when they head our way, though you couldn’t tell based on how they drive! For anyone living my way, just a heads up that the class starts at 5:30pm and the drivers are fined if they are late. How do I know? One of my lovely students leaves my class early to make it to her “program” on time. Dandy.


5 Responses to “You Drive Like a Lunatic”

  1. thedailydish Says:

    Ei yei yei!

    I was driving to meet my husband recently at his work – for one of our lunchtime rendezvous – and spent almost the whole 10-minute drive behind a woman who was clearly drunk or inebriated at noon on a weekday. She swerved from side to side, repeatedly crossing over the solid white lines into the oncoming lane of traffic. I couldn’t believe it. People who drive like that frighten me. I don’t condone it any time, but at least late at night there are fewer drivers on the road. Mid day?? Forget it. I still wonder whether she made it home alive.

  2. Lisa Says:

    HA! Neil and I notice the same thing. I think they have a 7:30 class too!

    We know who they are because they are in the left lane and don’t read the signs that say they have to merge soon.

  3. Lisa Says:

    And who was the moron who decided to put it right by a school and into a neighborhood with families with young children?

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