That Vacuum Sucks

Now THAT is a vacuum!

The hubby and I went shopping for a new vacuum. We had ours for 11 years but a renegade sock killed it.

Anyway, what’s the deal with the vacuums that have those see-through dirt containers? Gross. I for one refused to look at those. Do you have one of these? If so, please explain why you want to see the dirt, dust, hair, renegade socks, etc. that your vacuum sucks up. Are you happy that you can see the dirt or was it as terrible a purchase that it appears to be?

What about the Dyson? Do you have one of those with the plastic ball? That seems yucky, too.

I promise I will be somewhat nice if you choose to respond to my questions. Thanks in advance.

5 Responses to “That Vacuum Sucks”

  1. thedailydish Says:

    I wrote a post on our vacuum waaaay back in 2008: The Bissell Pet Hair Eraser. Surprisingly, it’s still around. We seem to have terrible luck w/ vacuums. For that reason alone it gets pretty high marks. It hasn’t been perfect. Likely having more to do w/ me as a user than it as a machine. But in general it’s been good and still does a decent job. It has a see-through, removable canister that I find helpful b/c w/ all our pets and our daughters it fills very quickly and I have to empty it frequently – so it’s good to have an easy eyeball gauge. I would LOVE a Dyson but we live on a very fixed income-all four of us +the pets – so that ain’t happening. Good luck w/ your quest!!

    • that girl Says:

      We bought the Hoover pictured. It was a very good deal. It’s very lightweight and that little extra thing is good for the car and the stairs. Plus, when I wear it on my shoulder, I feel like I’m in Ghostbusters.

  2. Lisa Says:

    Um, we have a Dyson. It rocks. With Boy’s allergies, you may want to get one. Otherwise you will need to fork out a lot more for something as good.

    • that girl Says:

      What about the ball? Does it get really dirty? The one I passed that was on display already had funk all over it. I don’t want to see that and that’s why I like the wheels under the thing.

  3. Annie Says:

    I have the Dyson ball, and I have a sick and unhealthy obsession with the thing. I love it. I have never had an issue with the ball getting dirty or funk all over it (and I will fully cop to being anal about cleaning, so that’s something I would have noticed). I just love how it can get around furniture and swivel under things.

    Unhealthy, I say.

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