I’m Bitten

I never thought I would see the day but it has come. About a week ago, I was about to go to bed and even though I was sleepy, I decided to turn on the TV. I flipped around and found something that I thought I would lose interest in pretty quickly. Turns out, I was wrong and I forced myself to stay up and watch more of it until my eyes drooped uncontrollably.

Friends, I watched Twilight. There. I said it. (Well, I didn’t watch all of it I caught about 45 minutes of the middle of the movie, checked when it would be on again, and decided to finish it up later. I still sound like I’m in denial, don’t I?)

A while back, I questioned what all the hubbub was about, so I was pretty surprised at how I kept watching the movie that night. In fact, I watched the beginning the next day, and then I skipped most of the middle to get to the end. Messed up way to watch a movie, right? I know, so after I watched New Moon (yeah, I watched the second movie, too), I watched Twilight again from beginning to end with some ffwd’ing just the other day. For me personally, it helps that the vampires aren’t running around with blood dripping from mouths. The main ones are actually quite civilized and don’t have the stereotypical fangs and general scariness. It made the idea of vampires and werewolves outside of the horror movie genre easier to accept. (I should mention that I don’t watch horror movies.) It also helps that I don’t mind teen romance movies where the characters fall in love really quickly. I found a review online that articulates the majority of my thoughts far better than I can… well, except for the author’s rabid interest in vampires.

Overall, I can see how people get wrapped up in this story. I have been in a somewhat obsessive state about it since I finished watching the movies. I’ve been on IMDB and whatnot to learn more about the movies, the actors, and the story. I did end up delving a little too deeply, though. I messed and learned too much about the plot lines for upcoming movies. Dang! I hate when I do that.

I don’t think I can be dubbed a “Twi-hard” just yet. I can’t see myself reading the books or waiting at the theatre the night the next movie comes out, but I know that I’ve invested too much to not continue watching the movies when they come out on satellite. I need closure.

Are you a “Twi-hard?” (If you are, don’t reveal any plot lines, please.) Or are you like me and have avoided watching the movies? Maybe you’re a closeted Cullen?


3 Responses to “I’m Bitten”

  1. thedailydish Says:

    I avoided the Twilight movies like the plague, assuming they would be silly and adolescent. I finally borrowed Twilight from the library several months ago. My husband was equally skeptical, but we sat together and watched – and both ended up enjoying it immensely. We’ve since rented the two subsequent films and liked those as well. Though the last is my least favorite of the three. I am not a die hard – haven’t read any of the books, but I certainly enjoyed the movies and think my daughters will too once they’re a bit older. PS: It doesn’t hurt the actors are VERY easy on the eyes!

  2. Annie Says:

    I’m a “Twi-hard”. It should be extremely embarrassing, but it’s not. I have had people ask me how I can like something that is ‘so bad’…it’s a teen book. I’m not expecting War and Peace.

    I’ve read all the books, and seen all the movies to date. I’ve also read the version of Twilight from Edward’s point of view on Stephenie Meyer’s website. And I may have cursed when I realized it wasn’t finished. 🙂

  3. that girl Says:

    An update: I finally broke down and watched the third one, Eclipse. I’ve never rented anything on iTunes before but I couldn’t stand waiting any more so I thought that would be a good way to spend my gift card.

    I agree. The actors are easy on the eyes…. Also, I heard about how the story was also written from Edward’s POV and thought that was a pretty neat idea.

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