It’s Not a Resolution

As I was having tasty – solo and quiet – lunch the other day, I flipped through a local magazine with a New Year’s resolution theme to many of the articles. One of the articles mentioned the health benefits of writing and keeping a journal. I never realized it, but I can see how it can help you maintain a high level of mental health. I’ve kept a journal of some sort since I was in high school. Nowadays, though, this idea of journaling has been reduced to a Facebook status… or a tweet. And I think that is why I find a dissatisfaction with these quickie blurts of information. It’s not enough. It’s not mentally healthy, at least not for me.

So, what am I doing about it? Well, I’m not making a resolution. I never have and probably never will. Instead, I’m going to make an effort to journal more than 140 characters, to stay away from quick blurts of information, and to read longer passages of more meaningful stories from my friends and fellow bloggers. I’m going to be involved again. I may not put everything online but I will make an effort to share. My life and my mental health are worth it. I hope yours are to you, too.

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