Magazine Madness

As I sat waiting for my appointment to get a haircut, I found a GQ magazine on the top of the stack of books and magazines providing suggestions for a new ‘do. I actually knew what I wanted this time, so I reached for the GQ. Ryan Reynolds was on the cover looking lovely, and I decided that would be the article I would read while I waited.

I flipped through the first few pages of advertisements looking for a table of contents. Nothing. Is this a special issue of the magazine? I wondered. Have I missed the table of contents? I started from the beginning again, and instead of flipping, I turned each page… and turned… and turned… and turned.

How am I going to get my Ryan Reynolds fix? Do I actually have to flip through the whole magazine? Did someone tear out the table of contents? This is ridiculous. After a while of turning pages, I decided to return to flipping. And I found it. The table of contents was on page 64. Yup, page 64. It’s been a while since I’ve read a magazine and I’ve never subscribed to a fashion magazine or whatever GQ is supposed to be. Is 64 pages worth of advertisements the norm? That seems like a lot! What kind of madness is this?

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