My 1-Minute Sitcom

I found this online service called xtranormal where you can make simple animated movies. I decided to give it a try with a conversation the hubby and I had a while back, which I published on the blog in May. The learning curve was not steep but it was challenging to make the timing work correctly. Overall, it was pretty fun, especially for a video geek like me.

And now the debut, of my soon-to-be sit-com Married People’s Conversations.

Click the image to watch. (WordPress doesn't like this yet, so I can't embed it.)


3 Responses to “My 1-Minute Sitcom”

  1. Lisa Says:


    Why do you have a cat though? To saute later or to use as a saute?

    Usually I agree with the hubby, but this time I am with you.

    Oh Lord, you should hear the conversation Neil and I are having about your conversation. We could add it.

  2. kristen Says:

    that was great!!! you should make another one with “foot remember”

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