Customer Service, Can I Help You?

There’s a long story and a short one here. You can decide what you’d like to read. Note the lovely headings to assist you. 🙂

I turned on the TV tonight and in the midst of channel surfing, the box reset itself. And then it did it again… and again. The hubby did his usual thing with testing failing audio visual equipment. Turned things off, counted to 5 in French, unplugged this, reset that, re-tried this, re-tried that. After this and that did nothing, he got on the phone and called customer service.

Long Story
I love it when hubby calls customer service. I love listening in on his end of the conversation. I’m not eavesdropping because he knows I’m listening, by the way. I just enjoy how amusing it can be sometimes.

This time around, he gets passed around to a couple of people, repeatedly telling them the problem. At some point, he finally gets to a technician. The technician asks him to do this, that, and the other thing. Meanwhile, the hubby politely explains that he has done all of that and that he works with many of these devices on a daily basis. It’s part of his job. Then I can tell that the technician is trying to sell him a viewing packing of some sort but the hubby tells him that a) it’s too expensive, b) his team is always on TV, and c) he works on Sundays and has those packages at work.

The hubby tries to negotiate with the technician about getting a better deal on a box, which he seems to do every time the people call the house or he calls them. No dice.

Then I start to hear things like, “Yes, dachshunds are very loyal. They follow you all around the house…. Yeah, that’s a good movie…. ” And more banter ensues. That gets me thinking, “Less chatty, more tv fixy please!” Then the hubby looks at me and twirls his index finger by his temple, giving me the this guy is crazy sign. Then he flashes the talking hand sign.

Short Story
Once the hubby gets off the phone, I ask him what the deal was with all the chitchat. How about if we get the TV fixed instead? It turns out that the technician had hubby do some kind of trouble shooting that required the box to sit for 5 minutes. Rather than sit in awkward silence, the technician was telling him all kinds of stuff.

“Did you know Robin Hood was on ___ movie channel? That’s got Russell Crowe in it…. Marmaduke has Owen Wilson in it…. You like the Cowboys? All my exes live in Texas, literally…. I’m diabetic. One time I was unconscious on the floor for 8 hours! But my dachshund saved my life! Because of the Diabetes and passing out, my breath smelled sweet and that attracted the dog. He licked my mouth and woke me up! He has saved my life twice and my ex-wife pays child support on him. Is yours black and tan, too?”

If you’re curious, the box still doesn’t work and we had to take one from another room.

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