Another Dog Day Friday

I made my annual trek to the W’mart to buy things for dogs. Not my dog. Other dogs in need… OK and some kittens, too. It’s always fun to shop for the doggies. We are very particular with our dog so we can only buy specific things for him. Buying for other dogs is neat because I get to see what else is out there.

I did so much better this time when I went to the Humane Society to donate the stuff. I did not run out of there a weepy mess like I did last time. I think part of it was because some of the dogs were not in their cages and were running around outside with the volunteers instead. That made it much less heartbreaking. Oh, and I should note that this is a no-kill shelter, and I did not see the couple of dogs that I saw last time this time around. I hope they were adopted and not just moved to another room.

Anyway, I was able to read more about the dogs that were there and how they ended up there. One was kind of sad because he was given up because he wouldn’t chase the deer out of the yard. Terrible.

Below is a picture of Summer. Isn’t she so pretty? She had a sister there with her in the next cage. Summer will be getting a new home soon. 🙂

This is Summer. According to her sign, her paperwork was underway! Great news for her. 🙂

I was so happy that I stayed long enough to take the photo below. One of the volunteers was tossing new toys to the little puppies. They were the toys that I had just brought in! Doesn’t that just make your heart happy? I was thrilled for the little guys.

Who will win the battle of the blue toy?

And I also took a couple of minutes to hold this white Siamese-mix cat named Dylan. He was so pretty. I tried to take a picture of him, but he got antsy and refused. You’ll just have to take my word for it… and not tell the hubby. He kind of hates cats.

2 Responses to “Another Dog Day Friday”

  1. Stephanie of Stopbouncing Says:

    I want, nay, need to boop Summer’s nose.
    For real.

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