Foot Remember

I was out at the store after work and sent a text message to the hubby. It was a simple question: Need anything? (complete with question mark.) The answer I received was not so simple: Foot remember (sans punctuation).

Foot. Remember. WTF does that mean?! Could it be…

  • My foot is cold. Remember, I need a sock.
  • My foot hurts. Remember to bring home some pain reliever.
  • My left foot is longer than my right. Remember to buy some Dr. Scholl’s.
  • A ruler, so that I can measure a foot. Remember?
  • My foot is stinky. Remember the stench and find something to fix it.

Oh goodness, the possibilities are endless. Feel free to contribute an interpretation in the comments below.

It turns out that the hubby was using the dang auto-text-word-whatever feature on his phone. He didn’t attempt to use an apostrophe in his message. Soooo typical. And he obviously didn’t look at it before sending it. So what should have been “dont remember” became “foot remember.” Lovely.

One Response to “Foot Remember”

  1. Stephanie of Stopbouncing Says:

    T9 is sooooo wrong.
    Some of the stuff it comes up with… is there some 14 year old boy behind it, making everything seem dirtier than it really is?

    Or when you ask hubs an OR question and get “okay”. OKAY WHAT?!?!

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