Friday Night Lights

Do you watch this show? It’s quite excellent. Drama. Sadness. Great characters. Football.

The hubby and I usually watch the show on DirecTV but we missed a bunch of episodes this season for one reason or another. Tonight we caught up. And I wanted to share a really great scene from one of the episodes we watched.

The background of the story for this season is that Coach Taylor is now at East Dillon High School, which is a school in a less affluent area of town. He has some troubled players on his team. One player in particular is trying to turn his life around. He’s trying to stay out of trouble so that he can have a brighter future. In this scene, his mother is in the hospital after a drug overdose. She is an addict and is all the family that he has.

Clicking the image will open the video at

I have to say that I’ve liked Michael B. Jordan’s performances on the show. His character, Vince, faces so many struggles. Watching him grow and make tough decisions is really compelling. And he story line is just one of many great ones. Jordan does a really good job of showing a large range of emotions.

Also among the cast are Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, and Taylor Kitsch. Check out this season’s finale Friday at 9:00pm on NBC.

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