West Coast – Day 3.25

After spending the morning at Hearst Castle, we went to the Sebastian’s General Store/Cafe in the village of San Simeon for some lunch. Man, if you’d like a big tasty sammich, you should eat there. I went for a fried egg sandwich just because it was a little weird…. Friends, it was yummy. 😀 I couldn’t finish but a half of it and the same goes for hubby’s sandwich, so we took the remaining halves with us.

That afternoon, we actually pointed the car northward since were in no rush to make it down south to L.A. and were in pursuit of some Elephant Seals. We only drove a mile or two up the road to Elephant Seal Vista. Mind you, when we first passed the sign coming from the north, I thought it was named after the animals – you know, like Big Bear Lake – not the fact you could actually see the seals.

Initial look from the Vista.

So imagine what an awesome sight it was, once we made our way past the parking area: seals all over the beach! They were barking at each other, swimming in the water, tossing sand on their back, and occasionally sparring. It was so cool!

Good day for a nap on the beach!

These two were actually fighting with each other. You can see why.

This is not an Elephant Seal kiss. I just happened to snap the picture when one turned around.

If you ever go to this place, there’s a couple of things you should know. First, they had a group of volunteer guides there that you can ask questions to and get more information. They wear blue jackets. Second, the day we visited – and I’m guessing it’s like this all the time – it was sooo windy. Don’t wear a loose-fitting skirt or all the world will see your skivvies and your pale rear end. (Thanks, girl in loose-fitting skirt.) Third, it was chilly with all the wind and even when the wind wasn’t blowing, so be sure to bring a jacket. Fourth, it’s free!


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