Oh the Places I’ve Been – Day 1

Whew! Hi again. It’s me, the long lost blogger. I’ve missed you guys but I’ve thought about you while I’ve been away. I took tons of pictures on our trip. Want to see where I’ve been?

Here’s part one of many.

Santa Barbara, CA

These are photos from Stearns Wharf. The hubby and I stopped here on our way from Los Angeles to central California. We had a fried seafood platter for lunch at a place called Moby Dick’s. It was way too much to eat for lunch. Ack.

Santa Barbara is a pretty place. We weren’t there long but we enjoyed it.

Interesting factoid about the Wharf: It had to be rebuilt after a huge fire in 1998. The fire started just outside of the restaurant where we had lunch.

San Luis Obispo, CA

We were only here for an overnight stay, but I wish it were for longer. SLO was a neat place. We arrived in time to see the preparations for the weekly farmers’ market extravaganza. It reminded me of a street festival we have at home but they actually do this every week!

Check out the goods.


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