Kitchen Ineptitudes

Hubby and I decided to make dinner at home tonight. Usually when we attempt to cook together one of us the hubby is on the grill on the deck while one of us is I’m in the kitchen fixing the sides. Or I’m cooking everything in the kitchen and the hubby comes in to stir a pot once in a while when I yelp for help.

Make no mistake, when we “cook” dinner, it’s never anything extravagant. I’m not very good in the kitchen, but I try to keep us from starving to death. We usually make an easy bagged thingy or some protein and something whitish like rice or pasta along with a veggie, if we’re feeling inspired. This time, we tried this Chicken Carbonara bagged thingy that neither of us had made before.

I was on scary cooking patrol, heating some oil. The hubby was working on defrosting the sauce.

the hubby: It says you need to add the chicken and sauté.
that girl: OK. The chicken is in.
the hubby [attempting to hand me the sauce]: Here’s the sauté.
that girl: I don’t need that yet.
the hubby: But it says you need to add the sauté.
that girl: Don’t try to pour that in here! Sauté is a verb not a noun.
the hubby: Are you sure? Read that.
that girl: Let me see…. It says, “add the chicken and sauté”… as in, sauté the chicken. It’s a verb.
the hubby: Ohhhhh! I thought sauté was French for sauce.
that girl: Haha! But this is an Italian dish.
the hubby: And sauté is not French for sauce.
that girl: It’s a good thing one of us watches Food Network or this could have been a disaster.

In the end, the meal was fine. No one was burned by oil. The sauce was not added too soon. And it actually tasted pretty good.

One Response to “Kitchen Ineptitudes”

  1. Stephanie of Stopbouncing Says:

    lol… french for sauce…

    Glad you avoided a kitchen disaster.

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