You Had Me at Hello?

I have to make a confession. I’ve been messing with telemarketers when they call the house. Lately we’ve either had a ton of call or it just seems like it because I’m home.

Anyway, before I say hello, I listen to the background noise. If I hear a lot of chatter in the background, I don’t say anything when I pick up.

The first time I did this, the guy on the other end seemed to be having a conversation with one of his co-workers when I answered. “Really, I’m from blah blah blah, New Jersey. Have you even been to blah blah blah?” I just sat and listened to them chat. It was weird. He didn’t even respond to me until about 20 seconds after I picked up the phone. And when he didn’t get a response, he hung up and called back a moment later. I did the same thing… and he seemed confused.

The other day, I decided to say hello and that was it. The guy on the other end asked for the hubby and… silence. This time was particularly funny because he didn’t just hang up on me. He said his closing spiel first, which included a phone number, and then he disconnected.

Just a few minutes ago, the phone rang and I didn’t hear a lot of noise so I said hello. Zut Alors! It was a telemarketer. I fell for it. She asked for “the person who makes the financial decisions in the household.” I pretended to be a kid because I can get away with it with my voice. “They aren’t here,” I said. “Do you know when a good time to call back would be?” I said, “I dunno. Maybe tomorrow?… K. Byyee.”

What do you do to deal with these types of phone calls? Do you just hang up? Do you listen?


One Response to “You Had Me at Hello?”

  1. Stephanie of Stopbouncing Says:

    I’ve been answering the phone with, “Please remove me from your call list. KTHANXBAI.”

    When I was younger, someone called for my dad and I told them that he was on safari in Africa for 2 months (lie).
    2 months later, they called back.

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