New Car: Hans

Margaret II and Hans are currently side by side in the garage. They are quite the VW duo. Sadly, they will have to part ways in the coming months and it’s upsetting. But it was time to move on.

Meet Hans, my new VW Tiguan. He’s a basic little SUV with automatic transmission and all-wheel-drive. He is a lovely white gold color that looks gold in some light and silver in others. He’s zippy and fun to drive.

Hans was a bit elusive for us. We went to our local VW dealership to test drive a Tiguan and that’s when we learned how tough it was to find the one I wanted. I guess no one wants a basic SUV any more, except for me – or maybe everyone wants one and that’s why I couldn’t find it? I actually wanted a silver one but it was nowhere to be found on the east coast within a reasonable driving distance. Anyway, we ended up taking a quick and dirty trip out of state this weekend to pick up Hans. There’s a long story about why we had to pick him up, but it’s not worth telling.

I was a bit nervous about this trip since we were coming such a long way to buy a car that I had not yet seen. I tried not to get my hopes up too quickly. And then we drove up. There it was, waiting for us all shiny and new. Ahhh. And once we met the salesman hubby had been speaking with on the phone, it all fell in to place and this was probably the easiest sales job he’s ever had to do! He was very cordial to us and didn’t try to force anything. Funny enough, we found out that there was a couple already there about to buy a Tiguan. They were waiting around to see if we actually bought the white gold one because they wanted it. Thank goodness we put it on hold. They left a few minutes before us with a grey one.

Our out-of-state salesman was a fun guy with an interesting life story. He’s 67, had a great sense of humor, is from Germany, speaks with a German accent, and has been with VW since 1957. He started off in the service department and made his way to sales. He also makes jewelry and repairs clocks and watches. As a hobby he races Formula One cars for the Lotus team, owned by his son-in-law… though he recently had to cut down due to not doing well on pre-race stress tests! His heart isn’t what it used to be. He’s even hung out with the likes of Mario Andretti.

Our guy’s name? Hans. Perfect! How could I not name my car after him?


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