Old Car: Margaret

After Betsy I had a blue used VW Fox. Few people remember that model of car. I really liked that car. I wish I could remember the model year for that car, but it escapes me. I’m guessing an ’88-’91. It was a 4-door sedan with a sunroof and a steely blue exterior.

from cardomain.com

Her name was Margaret. She was quite similar to the car on this page minus the fancy audio equipment.

My sister and I shared her while we were in college. I remember picking up my sister once when she was downtown around 2am, along with a couple of her drunk friends. They put the biggest, drunkest guy in the front seat and he was obnoxious. He kept messing with the radio and I stopped the car and warned him that he would be thrown out if he didn’t behave himself. Thankfully, my sister was sober and she backed me up and told him that I was serious.

Overall, Margaret was a good car. She had some issues here and there. If I remember correctly, one of the black door bumpers fell off at some point. And a spring in the back right side door snapped, making it impossible to open the door.

She lived a short life with us. My first week at my first job out of college, I got lost in the city and accidentally ran a red light… right into a lovely gold Audi coming from a green light. It was devastating, particularly since I hadn’t moved to the city yet and had a 40-minute commute and no public transportation. The car was totaled and I was without a car for 3 months. The good that came out of that accident was when I became friends with the Queen of Pith. She lived in the same town and was nice enough to let me ride with her to work until I moved. Each morning I walked to job 1 (waiting tables at a crappy diner) from my apartment. Then I walked to job 2. After job 2 she was nice enough to drop me off at my new apartment after work at 11:30-ish at night.

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One Response to “Old Car: Margaret”

  1. curlywurlygurly Says:

    oh, the love of first cars. my first car (in 1993) was a 1985 toyota corolla hatchback named buffy. she was ugly as sin–powder blue and shaped like a bubble–but she and i had a happy five years together. she was a standard shift and my dad put in a pretty sweet sound system for me. 🙂 in ’98 i got a new honda accord…and from there got a 2004 accord and then a 2007 honda fit. (hubby is driving the ’04 honda now). i love my cars but drive them into the ground. 200,000 miles or 10 years…whichever comes first.

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