10 Years of Foolishness!

Today is my 10th wedding anniversary! In a few hours the hubby and I will be headed to a lovely dinner at our favorite special dinner place in town. We decided on no gifts this year since we are planning an awesome almost anniversary trip this summer and there is something else in the works that I will share later if it comes through.

So it’s kind of incredible that it’s been 10 years already! I remember the day we got married. We were quite lucky that it was warm out and we didn’t have a threat of snow. I was pretty good to go until one of my friends came into the back room. All of a sudden, it hit me! Wow! I think part of it was seeing her (a good friend who I met after college) and then seeing my friends from high school and my sister and mom all in the same room. It was a bit surreal.

The day was full of funny moments with an oops here and there.

As the flower girl and ring bearer made their way down the aisle, they stopped… at the third row from the back. haha. I didn’t witness this myself, but it’s on video. I believe it was the flower girl’s idea to stop and perhaps sit where a seat was available. After a moment or two, her mom nudged the two kids forward and they made it to the front.

The ceremony itself was nice, once I got myself out of the back room. Oops. I thought the woman who ran the chapel was going to come and get me when I was supposed to walk up the aisle. I was wrong. So I just stayed there… until I heard the wedding march being played again. Oops! Then I stuck my head out, and my mom said, “Are you coming?” haha. Good thing my friend playing the piano is quite talented and was able to roll with the punches and work out a longer version of the song. It was also a good thing that my other friend sitting with him at the piano (she was going to sing later in the ceremony) told him to keep playing.

Both my mom and my dad walked me down the aisle. I wanted both of them to be a part of the moment. When we rehearsed it the day before, it wasn’t a problem but then again, I wasn’t wearing a big white dress and there weren’t candle stands at the ends of the aisles. Oops. As we walked down the aisle, dad bumped on of the candle stands. It rattled around a little bit and he said, “Ay! ‘scuse me!” It was funny.

During the rest of the ceremony, there were no issues.

We did end up taking a ton of photos afterwards, and we got to the reception a little late but we were nice enough to provide an open bar so no one seemed to care. When we were announced, we decided to have a little fun with it and have the DJ announce us using my maiden name as our new last name. Hey, if you’re going to get married on April Fool’s Day, you might as well enjoy it. During the bouquet and garter toss, we also switched that up. The hubby threw the bouquet to the guys and the girls got the garter.

We kind of switched roles that day, too. Instead of socializing with all the guests at their tables, I stayed on the dance floor. In looking back, I suppose I should have done better with that. Good thing the hubby is not much into dancing and he went around and greeted everyone. Oops. heehee.

I honor of our day, I give you JAM: Jim and Pam’s The Office wedding complete with mischief and romance. Happy April Fool’s Day!

Click the image to go to hulu.com


5 Responses to “10 Years of Foolishness!”

  1. kristen Says:

    I loved your wedding!!! I thought for sure Jeremy & I were going to be late, but we made it! I remember seeing you come out of that back room and then you started to cry and so did I 🙂 However, I totally did NOT remember that you got married on April 1!

  2. Stephanie of Stopbouncing Says:

    sounds like you had/are having a wonderful time.
    Three cheers!

  3. megan Says:

    Happy anniversary! That sounds like a fantastic wedding!

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