Weirdness Scale: Level 8 Defined

Surely you all must remember the Weirdness Scale that I am in the midst of developing, right? (If not, read a refresher.) I think I have figured out what a level 8 is on the scale.

The hubby took a trip to the Sunshine State recently and he was telling me a little story about his trip. *Names changed to protect the semi-innocent.

the hubby: So Jackie Chiles* likes to do this thing at work. He likes to leave strange things on my desk.
that girl: What do you mean? He sounds like a Jack Russell Terrier. I hope whatever he leaves isn’t dead or stinking of poop.
the hubby: It’s just weird stuff he finds on the street.
that girl: Literally? He actually finds things on the street and leaves them on your desk?
the hubby: Yeah, literally.
that girl: Gross. Does he also go dumpster diving?
the hubby: It’s just weird stuff. One time I had a Jacksonville Jaguars sticker on my desk. Another time, it was an oven mitt.
that girl: Are you for real? You can’t be serious. Ewww. How unsanitary. Bleck!
the hubby: The really funny thing about the oven mitt is that Jackie Chiles drew a smiley face on it.
that girl: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
the hubby: Anyway, back to Florida. So Kramer* and I were driving and we had to make a U-turn. I happened to see a shoe in the street. So I stopped the car and picked up the shoe.
that girl: Wha? WHY? Are you insane?!
the hubby: I picked up the shoe and kept it in the car the whole time we were in Florida.
that girl: That seems gross. Was it yucky?
the hubby: It was a Dwyane Wade basketball shoe.

For some reason, I remembered the story about the shoe today. And I asked him whatever happened to the shoe. It turns out, the hubby brought it to work and left it as a gift on Jackie Chiles’ desk. And Jackie Chiles actually kept the shoe!… and it sits atop the TV in his office!

Weirdness Scale: 8



One Response to “Weirdness Scale: Level 8 Defined”

  1. Jack Russell Says:

    Very weird indeed. I don’t know where economists came up with this “rational buyer” theory. It seems like half the people I meet are only half at home most of the time. Enjoyed the Jack Russell comment – I have three and the amount of times I’ve had to say, “What the…DROP IT!” boggles the mind.

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