Treadmill Experiments

So my last post was from the treadmill. It turns out, that might not have been the best idea for me. I get a little motion sickness as it is and when I went to bed, I started to feel the effects of reading and writing while walking. Ack. Silly me. I can’t read in a moving vehicle, and I thought I could do this, too? Wrong!

Anyway, I just hopped off the treadmill after a 30-minute walk that was faster paced than the last time. I decided not to risk blogging at the same time. Oh, wait. That’s a lie. I tried it and decided it was still not a good idea. Instead, I occupied my time trying a couple of experiments with trying to stay interested.

Experiment A: Play more energetic, fun music.
Result: I have a playlist called my “Super Mix” that I usually play during road trips. Bingo!… A couple of John Mayer tunes just didn’t make the cut and I had to skip them. Not lively enough…. When Justin Timberlake came on, it was great, except that I wanted to dance. Or maybe that’s a good thing? I guess I’m pretty coordinated because I danced on the treadmill. Yeah, I’m that girl.

Experiment B: Fiddle with my iTouch apps.
Result: I don’t have enough fun apps to keep me occupied. I played with Pandora for about 10 seconds until I realized that I can’t use that while I surf the ‘net. Suggestions for new apps would be greatly appreciated.

Experiment C: Watch online videos.
Result: What a bummer. does not work on an iTouch because of Flash and some kind of anger Adobe has toward Apple. Nice…. I really wanted to catch up on some TV shows but I couldn’t. So I resorted to YouTube. I didn’t really know what to watch, so I did a search: Craig Ferguson Lip Sync. Here’s just one of the lovely videos I watched. (I sent this one to the Queen of Pith when she was having a bad day. It makes me laugh, laugh, laugh.)… Again, I could use some suggestions for videos.

Overall, I still don’t feel like I’ve found something that will keep me interested in moving while going no where. The treadmill is just soooo blah. Any thoughts would be great!


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