The JM You Should Know

A few days ago during John Mayer’s Philadelphia show, a young fan named Austin held up a sign asking if he could play Belief with him. Typical of John, he noticed the sign and started talking to the fan from the stage. Take a look from 0:00-1:40. (Here’s a link if the embedded video doesn’t work.)

And the kid can play! Check out how genuinely amused John is. I know this feeling. You are so impressed by an unexpected moment that you can’t help but smile and be amused by it. (Link)

After Austin leaves the stage, John continues to show his true character. (Link. Cue this video to 3:00, and listen since the video isn’t that great.)

Congratulations, Austin! The guitar was signed “To Austin, You rock. Keep playing. See you at your show.”

So here’s the thing. Some comments about John’s generosity have been skeptical, saying it was a set up or he’s just trying to redeem himself.  People who say this haven’t done their research. It’s so aggravating. While everyone is entitled to their opinion, the problem with all of the bloggers and random people who make comments on anything and everything online is that they don’t have enough information. They jump to conclusions without doing all of their research. They take what they see on the pages of US Weekly and People Magazine and assume a truth–a twisted truth. They spew anger and contempt, and people who read their words take them as fact.

“Ha!” is what I say to all of them. John Mayer has a history of doing nice things for his fans. Way back in 2004, I went to my first show and I was hooked. I was impressed. I was amused. Not only was it a great show, John interacted with his fans. At one point, he took a camera from a girl in the front row who was just snapping away. Instead of truly confiscating it, he took pictures of himself and his band members. And he returned the camera to the girl full of awesome memories.

Something similar happened a few months ago during a free show. A fan was recording his solo on his camera when John had a little fun with it. (Link. Cue to 7:15.)

That, friends, is the John Mayer you should know.


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